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The advantage of qualifying for free domain registration is that you will receive a domain name for free, which means the initial cost of hosting your website is reduced. Normally the yearly domain renewal fee will then be paid by the client after the first year, so in the end it comes down to a small but significant discount to clients.

Get free domain registration for one domain when signing up for a qualifying hosting package and paying for a year

In order to receive a free domain registration, at eStart we have a standard offer – signing up for web hosting and domain registration on the Easy, Basic, Standard or Reseller plans and paying for it a year in advance, you will receive a free domain registration. However, the domain name needs to be applied for at the same time as the website hosting package order, and the website hosting package needs to be paid for in full for the first year at the time of the order in order to receive one free domain. Additionally, domain renewal of the domain will be charged at the normal R65 per year after the first year. Additional domain name registration will be charged at the normal domain registration fee.

For Non-profit organisations in South Africa, there is another alternative to secure a free domain registration – domains. Registering these domains is free to qualifying Non-profit organisations, and there is also no annual renewal fee for domain registration (if applied for by a non-profit organisation). We can help with this process on behalf of existing clients, or new website hosting clients. Domain registration is also open to other individuals or businesses, at a once-off domain registration cost of R95.

eStart used to offer free and domain registration, but the registrar of these domains chose to discontinue new registration recently, which means we no longer offer registration of these domains. However, existing and domains are still active and will remain active

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