Why is Domain Registration Necessary?

Domain names are an easy way to remember a website, otherwise we would need to remember the IP addresses for websites. An easy-to-remember website address makes your website so much more valuable as a marketing tool - because which one will clients go to? The one that sticks in their memory of course.

Domain registration starts with choosing an available domain name and you can do so below - just enter the word you would like to search for below and our system will give you a choice of available domain names and extensions. The word would probably be something like your company name, or a product or service name or brand. It needs to be one word without spaces. You can use “-” in the domain name but it is not advisable - rather stick to one word without spaces or special characters.

A domain name consists of two parts - the name part and the extension part. For instance in, the “yourcompany” would be the name part and the rest the domain extension.

For a South African audience, your choice of domain name extension to register your domain name under, should start with, but other options are also available, .joburg, .durban and .capetown

Other popular choices are .com and .net, but there is literally a bewildering choice of extensions available nowadays - mostly targeted at niche markets. See the cost table below for a sample of domain name extensions we can register

Domain Name Registration South Africa

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