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Registered Name: eStart Computer Services CC

Postal Address: PO Box 25712, Gezina, 0031

Cellphone Numbers: 0828960378 / 0844378278 Fax Number: (011) 507-5576 E-mail Address: [email protected]

If you would like to send a query directly to our Support Ticket system, include all details of the query and screenshots and other documents and send them in a mail to [email protected]

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Basic Website Design
Graphics Design
Database Integration
Web Application Development
E-Commerce Web Development
Credit Card Payment Implementation
PHP and/or MySQL Development Development
Linux Consulting and Software Setup
Website Hosting (General)
Website Hosting (Windows)
Server Hosting
Domain Registration
Website Maintenance
Internet Dialup / ADSL
E-mail Hosting Only
SMS / Mobile Technologies
Fax to E-mail Services
Non-profit Hosting
Java / Tomcat / Servlet Hosting
Search Engine Optimisation

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Where do I start?

I want an Email Address or a Website

You will need all of these:

  1. A Domain Name. A domain name is like a street address so emails and website visitors will know where to go, and you will need to renew and pay for it every year.
  2. A Hosting Package. You will also need to subscribe to a Hosting Package which you will pay for monthly or yearly. This is like a rental space that exists to provide all services like email and website, using the domain name you own.
  3. Order and Pay. To order both hosting and domain name, go to, choose a hosting package with the functionality you need, and click on the “Sign Up Now” button. It will then ask you for the domain name you want to use and you can search for available domains using this form

Want a website?

If you want us to design a website for you, please have a look at our Portfolio and use the contact form on that page to contact us for a quote

If you need help, phone 082 896 0378